Secure email with the best end user experience

No plugins, certificates or end user software required

The problem with regular email

Email is one of the most effective instruments for marketing and 1-on-1 customer communication.
And most of the times it is very safe as well.
When the sender and the recipient both support encryption, the messages are secure and cannot be intercepted by third parties.

The problem however, is that up to 5% of your customers do not support encryption. They will receive emails as plain text without encryption. These messages can easily be intercepted and are thus a source for data leaks. Nobody wants that to happen. Especially not under GDPR.

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If only

If only you would know in advance which of your customers support encryption. You could continue to send them personal emails. And these emails may even contain financial and other sensitive data. They will get the attention they deserve and will encourage customers to take action: buy a new product, renew a subscription, pay an invoice.

Secumailer is the modern approach for secure email.
Our service is simple, smart and secure.

Our solution is transparant to you and your recipients, email is encrypted by default and works on all devices

Our solution

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Secumailer has standard integrations for all common mail servers (Office 365, Exchange, Unix) and we offer a REST API for direct application integration. We are always open to discuss special system integrations with you.

Office 365

Secumailer has a standard integration for Office 365. Configuration and integration are quickly done with this option.

Microsoft Exchange

Secumailer has a standard integration for Microsoft Exchange server. the integration is based on regular functionality in Exchange.


Secumailer has a Salesforce connector. This enables you to integrate with Secumailer from your Salesforce environment.


The Secumailer integration is simple with common Unix/Linux mail servers like Postfix, Exim or Sendmail and based on mail relay integration.

GMail for Business

Secumailer has a standard integration for GMail for Business, setting this up is only a matter of minutes for your administrator.


Secumailer has a REST API so you can make a direct link with your application. Full documentation with OpenAPI Schema (Swagger) is available.

You can always Contact us us to discuss more possibilities to connect with your IT environment.

Use Cases

How Secumailer can be used

Wall street

Financial Services

Banking, Insurance, Investment Funds and Pensions

Many companies in the financial services sector use portals or mobile apps to send information to their clients. For clients this is bothersome. They have to log in and actively fetch the information. Sending your information directly via email is much easier, more customer friendly and leads to more conversion. With Secumailer you can do this in a secure manner.


Healthcare, occupational health services, care professionals

Email is the only common ground for communication in the healthcare. All other platforms are not shared amongst all stakeholders. Secumailer is fully compliant with all regulations for privacy and information protection. If you want to bring patients, doctors and healthcare specialists in contact without limitations, we are the secure solution for your emails.

Measuring blood pressure
Wind mill


Electricity companies, regional water authorities, housing associations

Communication via email will change due to the introduction of the GDPR. If personal data is involved (which is often the case), appropriate security measures must be in place such as encryption. Secumailer offers you the opportunity to comply with the regulations without changing your communications processes with your customers.


We will not store your email address, it will only be used to contact you.


Secumailer complies with the most stringent requirements for security and is ISO 27001 certified.

TüV ISO 27001 certificate
TüV NEN 7510 certificate